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Agronomy is the study of plants soil and their enviroment. Their are children starving because the people there can't grow crops if they keep overusing the soil. If you start studying agronomy you can help us find a way to stop the hunger - NCSU
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Chemical Weathering vs Mechanical Weathering

Chemical Weathering - water dissolves rock, acid rain cause rocks to weather faster, carbonic acid weathers soft rocks.

Mechanical Weathering - breaks rocks into smaller pieces, when water freezes in a rock it causes a crack is called ice wedging, top layers of rocks crack and flake of is called release of pressure.

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Soil Facts

Soil Composition - Soil is a mixture of rock particles, minerals, decayed organic material, air & water. Humus is made from plants & animal decay.

Soil Texture - Sandy or silty soils are light soils. Soil rich in clay are heavier and hold together more tightly.

Soil Horizons - Each lower layer of soil is little less weathered then the layer above. Soil horizons are different layers of soils with depth.

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What Affects The Rate of Soil?

It depends on the climate and type of rock. Some types of rocks weather and form soil faster than others.
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What is Remote Sensing and how is it used to study humans impact on soil/Earth?

Remote is when a satellite hovers over Earth and scans Earth. Scientist use it to see the conditions of soil without touching it.
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Importance of Soil

Soil is important because is helps you grow crops if its in good condition. It is used to grow crops, lets gas exchange in the air, provides a habitat for organisms, holds clean water, and recycles nutrients.
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Common Misuses of Soil and the Negative Consequences

Overusing soil for crops -> no food on that land for a couple of year till it years.

Not giving the soil enough nutrients -> soil cracks and becomes dry and not able to grow crops.

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Soil Stewardship and Advances in this field of Agronomy

Soil Stewardship means we will have better soil for a longer period of time. It advances the field of agronomy by having more plants.
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