How to defeat a Minotaur

By Rocco Mendoza


This is a picture of a Minotaur



The Minotaur is a monster that can kill you in one charge. The Minotaur is 7 feet tall.The Minotaur looks like a body builder.The bottom part of his body is human and the top half is bull.

The Minotaur's weakness

A Minotaur can't change his directions very quickly.

He can not hear or see very well.

He has a nose ring.

The Minotaur's Strengths

He has a very good sense of smell.

He is very fast.

Instructions on how to

  1. one thing to get away from a Minotaur is to jump out of the way when the Minotaur is charging and then it will have trouble looking for you.
  2. the Minotaur has a bad time at look for you because his eyes don't work that much.
  3. you can't defeat a Minotaur with this processes


You can defeat the Minotaur by using every step that is on the instructions and they can help you out run one.