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January 20, 2015

As soon as you're done reading this week's update, get outside and enjoy this amazing weather!

First Shot: Too Good to be True?

We've all been taken in by something online which simply looks too good to be true. This is particularly common with our students who are learning to navigate the Internet and are building the skill to discern between reliable sources, and those sources that fall short.

Case in point: the Pomegranate Phone. This thing looks awesome. Click through to the site (which happens to be incredibly professional) and see some of the unbelievable features of this next generation smartphone.

But is it for real? At what point do you start to doubt?

This would be a great conversation starter with your students about how to evaluate sources online.

{Thanks to John Gordon for the link!}

Second Shot: Art Wants to be Free

A few weeks ago the Smithsonian Institute announced they have digitized over 40,000 pieces of art from their Freer and Sackler collections, which specialize in Asian art, and that it's all available to view and download for free on their site, Open|FS.

This means you and your students can re-use and remix any of these pieces with no copyright infringements. All of the art has been indexed so you can search by country, time period, artist, etc. Nice!

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Hope you've enjoyed the Double Shot. More to come next week!