Certified Ethical Hackers

Today's Growing Need For Certified Ethical Hackers

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The Need Is Growing Of Certified Ethical Hack

According to the Cyber Security Strategy document released by PWC 90 % of large companies have security breaches at the very minimum once in a year. A majority of these companies are hacked by strangers. To stop this risk businesses are seeking trustworthy hackers who can secure the security of their networks and stop cyber attacks by identifying technology flaws.

The massive development in the communication and information technology field has created more possibilities that are of great the interest of cyber-criminals.

The Rising Need For Ethical

The technology industry is moving towards cloud computing, whose most prominent trending areas include IT outsourcing as well as virtualization. Cloud computing transition is accompanied by security holes which increase the risk of cyber security-related threats. This is why there is a high demand for ethical hackers certified.

Businesses require ethical conduct in order to benefit from cloud computing without compromising security of information or data. Therefore, jobs for ethical hackers are growing in the present. Furthermore, the cyber space is growing rapidly and presenting complicated security demands that can only be accomplished by an experienced and expert ethical.

Duties And Qualifications Of A Certified Ethical

Accredited ethical hackers are white-hat hackers who hack legally, with a single goal and in accordance with strict guidelines. Their primary goal is to protect and secure systems from malicious cyber-attacks like viruses, phishing attacks and worms.

They depend on encryption and cryptographic methods such as penetration testing and vulnerability testing to verify the validity of the information they display.

A hacker's ethical requirements might include knowledge of programming that includes LISP, JAVA, Perl and C and knowledge of UNIX commands, and Linux computer skills, as well as the ability to use social engineering in a way that cannot be acquired through studying ethical hacking. It is non-technical method of network intrusion which relies on human interaction in which people are tricked to break security protocols.

Concluding Remarks

Cyber security is considered to be among the most dangerous threats to the world. This is the reason for the growing jobs in ethical hacking, for those who have been certified to legally hack into web servers and unlock wireless encryption to take advantage of security weaknesses and assess the risk of a hacker who is a criminal accessing the system. Security experts stress that hiring ethical hackers certified to access and scrutinize the system of a company should be considered a necessary and essential business procedure.

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