September Newsletter

All Women's Fitness


Fall is around the corner, hard to believe it's almost here. One of my favorite things about California is our Indian Summer. The beach hasn't had better weather and we are reaching record highs this month. Take advantage while you can. A beach adventure, the wine country, a nice hike out at Helen Putnam, a drive to Point Reyes-GO FOR IT!There has been a buzz around the studio on the subject of osteoporosis. I have listed some recommendations and nutrition tips to reassure you all...Your on the track.Exercise plays an important role in building and maintaining bone and muscle strength. It also helps to reduce falls by improving balance and aids rehabilitation from fractures. Muscles and bones respond and strengthen when they are 'stressed'. This can be achieved by weight bearing or impact exercises. Exercise also plays a key role in adults preventing bone loss and maintaining muscle strength.Nutrition Tips to prevent osteoporosis: Milk and dairy products are the most readily available dietary sources of calcium. Dairy foods have the additional advantage of beinggood sources of protein and other micro-nutrients important for bone health.Other sources of calcium include:Green vegetables like broccoli, curly kale, and bok choySome fruits such as oranges, apricots and dried figsCanned fish with soft, edible bones (the calcium is in the bones) such as sardines, pilchards and salmonNuts, especially Brazil nuts and almondsVitamin D is a very useful Vitamin in the prevention of osteoporosis.Recommended vitamin D intakeBy age group, both as international units (IU) and microgramsAge GroupRNI* (iu/d)RNI (mcg/d)0-9 years200510-18 years200519-50 years200551-65 years4001065+ years60015Pregnancy2005I want to introduce one of our wonderful partners : Athletic Soles. (Mention All Women's Fitness and receive a 10% discount). I can't stress enough the importance of proper shoes. The employee's will put you a treadmill and watch if your supinate or pronate and recommend the best shoe for your particular stride.Yours in Health,Tanya, Larissa, Sarah & Julia.