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September 2015

Keep it Simple

Last month I mentioned how over the summer I really found that to be successful in this business, it did not require spending lots money on countless webinars, trainings, books and the like. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't do any of it, just don't spend all your time and money doing only those things! doTERRA has given us, and is continuing to provide, many resources so we don't have to go elsewhere when starting out. I've seen people spend so much time and money buying the latest training books, seminars and webinars, only to be discouraged when they aren't growing. Remember what grows our business: sharing the oils and these incredible products and teaching others about wholesale membership. In other words, "Share. Teach. Enroll."

If only it were that simple right? I think sometimes we over complicate it though. I want to encourage each of you to return to the basics. What are the basics? I would suggest that you go to and watch the new videos that include things from navigating the back office to sharing compliantly. Next, I would check in with your enroller/upline and schedule a mentor call to set some goals and go over any areas you are concerned about. Then I would make a list of prospects and add class dates to your calendar! That should get you off to a good start.

Now, I don't want to discourage you from any activity that could help you build your business. I just don't want those to be your focus. You must put in to action the things you are learning. I would suggest you read one self help/business building book at a time and make sure that you balance it with a to do list. If webinars are how you learn then for every webinar you watch have a list of actions you will take from what the webinar taught you and put those in to play. I would suggest that you plan in advance to attend any local corporate events with a prospect or two and start saving now to attend conventions/educational summits. Going to convention yearly should be a goal. This is where you will mix and mingle with those who are invested in succeeding, learn more about the company, gain encouragement and excitement and develop skills needed to continue forward.

As we embark on the fall season with the holiday's right around the corner, start planning for those business down times. Set up a new product preview night. Plan a few holiday themed classes that emphasize giving the gift of health. Host an open house with another home based business and look for speaking opportunities.

Wishing you a successful September. Contact me if you have any questions.


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Leadership Tip

Last year at convention, Roxy and Adrian gave each of us on their team a gift for attending. It was the book "Beach Money" by Jordan Adler. It is a great read! While I was trying to find ways to simplify my business, I picked it up again this summer and found some good insight when it comes to leadership so I thought I would share a few of those with you.

In chapter 18 he talks about managing your team. I have a great team! Each of you bring so much in to this business and I'm honored to be walking with you on this journey. Some of us struggle with whether or not we are leading well. It can be hard to work with so many different personalities. In reality, we are all in business for ourselves. Some of us don't need the help of our upline. Others need that hand to hold on to and occasionally they hold on a little to long. Jordan summed up our job in three steps:

1. Sign them up

2. Train them

3. Help them bring in their first two or three people.

Doesn't that sound easy? Or maybe your thinking, "well, that's not much support!" If we do our job right, we get our leaders off to a great start with continuing support when needed. We are not meant to micro manage our team. When you start to grow it will get harder to reach everyone, so the goal is to train your leaders well at the beginning. We are to train our new people to answer the questions of their new people and encourage each person to be responsible for the people they bring in. Sounds like a good plan, right? Some of you may be wondering why you are managing more than you should! We will never abandon those on our team, but my point is: train your leaders well and make sure they are training theirs. Don't cripple your group by doing it all for them or by expecting those above you to do it for you. I think there is a bit of leadership qualities in all of us if we just give it a chance to shine!
I want to encourage each of you who are building to meet with your leaders occasionally. As our teams grow, training is going to be harder to do. Roxy's team is at 5000 now and we make up a bit over 2000 of that number. On the essential choices team, there are over 200 people who are actively enrolling and we are spread out across the country and then some! I want to encourage each of you to train your leaders to train theirs. Meet with your team and get them encouraged to do the things that helps them grow. It is never too late to start. This is what my version of Jordan's list would look like:

1. Build relationships and enroll

2. Train three people to create a doTERRA business

3. Help those three people find their three builders and train them

4. Watch your team grow!

I'm not saying our job will end and we'll never have to lead more than those we bring on to our team, but we won't have to "manage" so much if we train well at the beginning. Get back in touch with each of your leaders. Find out why they want to do this business and how you can help them. Encourage them to do the same and watch your team get excited again! Pick up the book "Beach Money" and give it a read. Let me know what you think.



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August Shout OUts

Congratulations to our rank advancements!

Elite: 3000ov

Jeri Grimes

Executive: 2000ov

Janet Terrell

Director: 1000ov

Vanessa Frederick

Rebekah Brumbaugh

Top Enrollers:

Lindsey Gunsauls - 7

Rosemary Noe - 5

Michelle Lilley - 4

Aimee Taylor, Noel Boyd, Amy Culp, Rose Fitzgerald and Jeri Grimes - 3

8 of you had 2 and 21 enrolled 1. That is fantastic! Way to go team!

Diamond Tip

From the current leadership magazine, I found these tips from Katee and Kyle Payne to be helpful:

Becoming a Leader

1. Always start within: "what you are creating is a direct reflection of what is within you, so start with yourself. Find what your strengths are and utilize them the best you can. Be aware of your weaknesses and do your best to strengthen them."

2. Follow the Leader: "So many people feel like they need to reinvent the wheel and know everything. Instead, follow those who have been there before. Take their counsel and implement it."

3. Trust in the process: "Sometimes the process is long. People start to lose faith when success doesn't come at the speed they want it to. Don't quit! As long as you're doing what you're supposed to, you will be successful."

4. Invest in yourself: "If you're committed to making this work, you have to invest in your business. The number one investment would be yourself."

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About essential choices

Team essential choices is a group of doTERRA wellness advocates who desire to share their knowledge of essential oils and health and wellness products with others. We aim to empower families to take control of their health care in a variety of ways, including doTERRA's product line. We strive to encourage one another and help others along their path to natural wellness, making essential choices that are good for the body, mind and soul.