Solar Energy

By:Shawnee R.,Trevon C. ,Jodie B.


The source is sunlight.Today,the technology produces less than one tenth of one percent of gobal energy demand.Solar energy is the technology used to harness the suns`s energy and makes it useable.Solar energy in laudeded as an inexhaustible fuel sorce that is pollution and often nosie free. Solar energy can not be use at night.


The first advantage of solar energy is beyond panel production.This is main driving force behind all green energy techology.Solar energy is produce by conducting the suns radiation.Solar energy can protect the world.


solar energy can't be used at night.When there is bad weather solar energy will ruined.In the panels there is a chemical that can pullote the air.Solar energy needs eletricity.It's not cheapto get a solar panel.


Can haet your home if it is cold.Makes power if you run out.


Makes it cool when it is hot panels in the farm helps us in are community.


Starts the computers in the lab.Turns on the light for everybody to see.