Feedback update

Teachers' taster workshop 3rd April 2013 (NZEI)

Rating the workshop.

24 teachers filled in a feedback form.

Of these we were rated as follows: (% rated 3 = good: % rated 4 = excellent)

  • punctuality 0:100
  • presentation 33:67
  • materials 54:46
  • pace 42:54
  • variety 48:48
  • usefulness 42:54
  • confidence of participant 38:50
  • time allocated 69:27

What went well?

"It was a good thing that we had a chance to catch up on what other teachers do successfully in their class."


"Well paced." "When we talked in groups it was well timed - not too long - kept moving."

"discussion activities and the powerpoint"

"Pace kept moving, and kept me focused!"

"The right balance between listening and taking info in, and sharing/brainstorming."

"Use of relevant ideas for the classroom." "Clear powerpoint, relevant and low-cost strategies."

"Set up well - a great way to mix up a group of people and meet new folk."

"Ideas you can implement straight away."

"Hearing your personal experience and things that work in your classroom, then linking that in - it made it real and relevant."

I really enjoyed this. Can't wait for tomorrow to try a few of these strategies. Thanks :)

What could be improved?

Things we couldn't control:

"The hot room"

"A cuppa!"

Things we can control:

"More treats on the tables! Maybe caffeine!"

"Show a timeframe at the start to orientate the direction of the course."

"Felt it met the needs of beginning teachers more than experienced."

"More early childhood based."

Who's used a wiki (or other online learning support) before?

6 participants have.

15 have not. (2 didn't know what a wiki is)

3 didn't answer.

Who's confident to use the wiki?

6 are at least 75% confident (not the same 6 as have used a wiki before!)

7 are about 50% confident.

6 are less than 25% confident - but 2 of these said they'll "give it a go"!

5 didn't answer.

What was most useful?

The wiki.

Things to use in the classroom.

I enjoyed the ICT links/components.

Having the powerpoint slides on a handout. Particular, practical strategies.

Time to discuss things in group. The confidence section = great!

Consistency, control, creativity sections.

Brag and drag.

Iceblock sticks.

Simple ideas that made sense. Individuality of each kid was a good reminder.

Hearing your experiences, how you've used the strategies.