Timberland Boots for 55 cents

By: Jordan Francullo

The truth comes out

We all know and love the original yellow Timberland boot. It's a boot that will withstand mud, snow, a rocky environment and is water resistant. Even with a pricey price tag, people will still say Timberland boots are worth buying because they can deal with all of the elements. Timberland boots will get you from point A to point B with ease. With all of this good publicity and great reviews, sometimes things are not what they appear to be...

Hike The Path of Justice

Timberland Social Responsibility ???

Timberland has been cited for poor working conditions that include:

  • LONG HOURS--over 14 hours a day

  • LONG WORK WEEKS--98 hours

  • CHILD LABOR VIOLATIONS---14 and 15 year old workers

  • POOR PAY--23 cents per hour and 55 cents for each boot made

  • DANGEROUS WORK CONDITIONS---poor ventilation systems