Breakin news in Guatamala

The news is not interesting😒😐

Guatemala was owned by Spain, it gained independence in 1821.

Reasons to visit Guatemala

A reason to visit Guatemala is the beautiful nature, with large trees. For example the ceiba tree. There are also birds over 700 species, 9 are endangered.(it's sad) the contry is also very mountainous, with humid high lands and limestone plateaus.

What the country trades

The country exports goods like coffee, sugar, grains, fruits, and veggies. Some of Guatemala's main countries that it trades with are the U.S. and Mexico. They inport fuels, grains( they make grains and buy grains, it's weird) machinery,and plastic.


The government of Guatemala is a constitutional republic, also a socialism. Their leader is Otto Fernando, and the contry is in a lot of groups with other country's.

Location and language

Located in Central America between Mexico and el savador. The language is Amerdian.