Canada Fishing Trip

By: Ethan Begotka Eighth Grade Apollo House

Summer Fun

My family and I took a trip during Fourth of July weekend to Canada to fish all three days we were there. My sister, Sydney, my Mom Joni, and my Dad Brian all went with me. We were staying on Eagle lake in a resort called cedar point lodge. We got our own boat for the weekend to rent and take out any day and basically anytime unless it was dark. We had some interesting moments during our time on the water which included, my sister catching a 37 inch northern and me catching a 24 inch walleye.

Look At Me

The Science of it

There are many different scientific variables to fishing. One of them is that you have to be intelligent when it comes to fish and how they live and survive. The first thing you have to know is how they survive in deep water and what kind of food source they live on. Some things that can really make you a good fisher is being able to know the chemical makeup, the type of water temperature they live and other things are important with fishing and all have to do with science. If you put all the components of science to fishing you will be one good fisherman!

My Sources:

I Wonder

These are some questions I have about how science is connected to fishing.

1. How do you connect water pressure to science but also put it towards other subjects?

2. Is fishing all science or is it different factors also?

3. Isn't water depth part of social studies?

4. Why do some fish prefer deep water and other prefer shallower?