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VIDEO BELOW: How to save to your network drive (folders)


Adding The CISD iTunes Course to your iPad

iTunes U enrollment code: del-kxd-hxh

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CISD Google Account

A CISD Google account has been created for you. To access CISD Google, go to the CISD website and click the Google link under Staff.

Your Google username is: your CISD email address.

If this is the first time you log into CISD Google:

Your password is: crosbycougar (you will be prompted to change the password on your first login).

If you already have a CISD Google account:

Please use the same login you have previously.

You will need to use Google Drive to upload the products you create. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the iTune U course.

Microsoft Office

Many of you are interested in adding Microsoft Office products to your MacBook. Please hold off in paying for these products at this time. Free options are available on your MacBook to use: Libre Office, Pages and Google Docs (which is the same no matter where you access it from).