Burkitt's lymphoma Disease

The causes and symptoms for the African variant of Burkitt's lymphoma

One cause for this virus is if you have been infected with HIV or EBV.

The symptoms of the African variant has tumors of the jaw or other facial bones. It also can affect the gastrointestinal tract, and can spread to the central nervous system, causing nerve damage, weakness, and paralysis.

The causes and symptoms for the non-African variant of Burkitt's lymphoma

The cause is immunodeficieny associated and in 30 to 40% people who have this disease in HIV and AIDS patients.

The types more commonly seen in the U.S. are sporadic and immunodeficiency associated, the symptoms are a tumor that usually starts in the bowel and forms a bulky tumor mass in the abdomen, often with massive involvement of the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.

There are some prenatal tests that you can take such as:

  1. Chest x-ray
  2. Bone Marrow autopsies
  3. A ct scan of the chest.
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Medical assistance for child and could this disease be prevented.

A child will most likely need chemotherapy, stem cell translations. or radiation therapy.

This disorder could never have been prevented.