September News

Updates from Mustang Nation

1st Grade

First grade has started this school year off strong with lots of learning and fun! We have discussed the rules and expectations in school and our classroom. We have learned about being a responsible citizen and how we can be responsible at home and school. We've read lots of fun books, including books by Mrs. Ourada's favorite author, Mo Willems. We are looking forward to this school year!

2nd Grade's "Me Museum"

As we have started our year off in second grade, we have been spending time getting to know one another. During the first week of school, we held a Me Museum. Each student brought a few items to represent things about them. Each of us learned something about one another, and we loved getting to bring and show off our own very special items from home!

Of course, we’ve been doing some learning as well! We have begun learning about fairy tales, making ten in math, practicing our handwriting, and learning who is a citizen and what being a citizen all entails. It's going to be a great year in second grade!

3rd Grade

The third grade class has been busy getting the year started! During our first full week of school, the students took their MAPS tests. In third grade, they have four tests to take: Math, Reading, Language, and Science-- the students did a great job!

We are working hard to get our routine down, and find our rhythm with our school work. We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

4th Grade

We are off to a fun and fast start in the SEM Fantabulous Fourth grade room. We have settled into our days and it truly feels like we have been together for weeks! (Wait it has been.. Like I said it is flying by!) I have enjoyed getting to know each of the students in different ways. We have shared our FAMILY, our FAVORITES, and our FEARS with each other. It is always fun to see their eyes when they figure out what I am scared of!

The fourth graders have also been focusing on expectations during our school day. We don’t have a lot of “Rules” in our classroom but we do have the SEM expectation of: Square Up, Engage, and Move Forward! If you would like to know what those expectations Look Like and Sound Like, any fourth grade student can help you out with that!

Finally, THANK YOU for sharing your greatest gifts with me each and every day. I keep telling them that I have the best job EVER because I get to spend my days with them, learning, growing, and becoming the better version of me because of them! Bring on the 2022-2023 SEM School Year!!!!!

A note from the 6th grade class...

This week the sixth grade has been working on a collage binder cover. This activity is allowing them to share things about themselves that others classmates might not have already known.

They also started filling out their personal questionnaire (200+ questions) about themselves. I will gather these questions and answers, along with a letter they are writing to themselves as seniors.

When this class graduates in 2029, I will hand them a letter from their sixth grade self. It is always fun for them to read about who they were in 6th grade and to see how much they will change over the next 6 years.

7th Grade

Quick Reminders for students and parents:

Students should have a folder for each subject, their school planner for homework reminders and bathroom passes, and a charged chromebook for work in the classroom. This is a good way go stay organized for classes and have a successful year!

What are we doing?

English 7: Students are currently reviewing the parts of speech before moving onto sentence structure and writing papers.

Reading 7: We have started the novel Hush by Jacqueline Woodson, a story about a family living in the Witness Protection Program after testifying in a murder trial. As we read, students will go over new vocabulary, chapter events, and discuss real world connections relating to the book.

Social Studies 7: We began the year by discussing the importance of flags and created self flags to represent us. Now we are looking at continents and oceans with notes, maps, and videos.


As students start to check out books, please remember some basic book care rules:

1. Keep books in your backpack when you’re at home so you don’t lose them.

2. Keep books away from food and drinks.

3. Keep books away from pets!

4. Remember to bring your book back to the library for another book!

Library Reminder:

The Fall Book Fair will be at the SEM Library from September 19-23, the same week as Grandparents Day. Hours of the book fair will be revealed closer to the date.

Also, any student or parent wishing to look at the library resources or learn how to sign into SORA, please refer to the school library website:

Technology Tool Brings out Student's Creativity in Science Class

The SEM High School Science Classes started the year out with an activity using the Technology Tool called "Flip". The students interviewed each other using their computers to record their conversations. As seen in the pictures, the students used their creativity and technology skills to make the activity more entertaining. One topic that was discussed was what career they were interested in. After the interview, we discussed how science will be involved in each of the careers that the students were interested in. The students were also asked "if they were going to become famous for something, what would they want it to be for?" The following student's answer exemplifies the exceptional attitude of our rural community: "I would like to be known for being a hard worker."

Proud to be a Mustang!

-Mrs. Pierce

Science Teacher


Summer has gone by quickly and it is great to be back in school. It’s fun to see all of our returning students and to meet our new administrators and new students as well. Our school year is off to a very positive start and looks to a very busy one, too!
I’m looking forward to teaching Elementary and Jr. High Science, Jr. High Reading, and High School Math this year. Teaching and learning with our students is a very rewarding experience.

-Mrs. Jones

National Honor Society

Our National Honor Society members will be continuing our “Care Home Buddy” Project this year. We will also work with Peggy Triplett to sponsor the Red Cross Blood Mobile in Sumner. The first donation date for this school year will be Sept. 1 at the Sumner Community Hall. We will also be working in the Concession Stand to earn money for our various community service projects.

Our National Honor Society members and Senior Class members will be electing officers in the near future. The Seniors will be ordering caps, gowns, and stoles soon and will begin working on Graduation plans.

Quiz Bowl

Our Junior and Senior High Academic Quiz Bowl teams will begin their season during the second quarter of our school year.

Concession Stands

We will begin our Concession Stand season on August 25 when we host Gibbon for Jr. Varsity and Varsity Volleyball. The Concession Stand is always a very busy place during all of our home activities. It is fun to work with all of our classes, organizations, sponsors, and parents to provide concessions for the fans. We appreciate all of the support that we receive from our patrons and fans at the various activities throughout the school year.
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