The History of Georgia

The Final Colony

This is a Plantation

This is what they called a plantation. A plantation is a large farm that wealthy people had. A lot of plantations had slaves to do their work. Plantations most popular crops were rice, indigo, and sugar. They also grew other crops like cotton, tobacco, corn, and other crops.

Georgia was Founded

Georgia was founded in 1732 by a man named James Oglethorpe. Georgia became a part of the colony 50 years after the other twelve.It became a part of the colony because it was suppose to protect South Carolina from the french and the spanish. James was also a British general, and he hoped to resettle Britain's poor.

James Oglethorpe

It's the Kids Turn

All About the Kids

The children in Georgia are important to. Some of the kids had a very good education and some didn't. Mostly the wealthy kids got a good education but sometimes the poor children do get a good education. But for the wealthy kids boys got a tutor to teach they math, science, language arts, reading, and other subjects. The wealthy girls got a governess to teach them lady like manners, reading, languages, and other subjects. Then the poor children just had their parents teach them. Also the children had to work for money if they were poor but if you were wealthy you didn't need to work.

Time for the Adults Again

Religion in Georgia

In Georgia there was religious freedom where you can have your own religion. Most people practiced Anglicans witch is one religion many of the people in georgia practiced.They also practiced many other religions like Lutheran, Presbyterian, Quaker, Jewish, Protestant, Roman Catholic, and many others.

Geography in Georgia

Georgia has many geographies like large forest full of wild life. They also have hilly coastal plains but they do have some rocky mountains and beautiful lakes and rivers. Georgia is by the Atlantic Ocean so their is plenty of fishing by Georgias coast.