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Friday, April 8, 2016

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An Open Letter About All of These Open Letters


Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with all of these "Open Letters" about why teachers are leaving the profession. If you're on any form of social media, no doubt you've seen these. Then they get shared over and over again. They've become so popular that I find myself wanting to set the record straight on each of these and tell the world that these are not the educators that STAY in our classrooms. The majority of the teachers in this nation understand that this profession was never about finding something that was easy. We knew from the beginning that whatever came our way, we were serving our students because we felt we could make a difference. Here are the points I would love to get out there:

1. We know our profession is not about US. Yes, we have to differentiate for learning styles, tutor before and after school, sacrifice personal time grading papers and planning, and work with families that need our support in areas of their life that are not strictly academic. We love our kids, and we will keep doing these things because we understand that this profession is about service.

2. The expectations our state puts on our students are unrealistic. Many of us may agree with this statement, but the bottom line is the state determines much of what we are required to do. While we may dislike testing and all of the angst that accompanies it, we realize that our kids need us. They still have to do this. If we bail on them, then who will prepare our students to be successful? Instead of quitting, we educate ourselves on the views of our public officials and get out and vote to help spur change.

3. Teachers don't make enough money. We'd all like to make more money. But if we're being perfectly honest, I'm pretty sure we knew what we were getting into when we decided to become a teacher. Teachers have never be on the top of the pay pyramid. Again, we don't do this for the money.

So thank you - thank you for sticking with this profession that can be stressful and time consuming. Thank you for standing in the gap for our students and being a positive force of change. I wish the world saw more of you and less of these articles that paint us to be complainers that have become disenchanted with our profession. You are a living, breathing contradiction to all of those negative viewpoints that are circulating. Thank you. I'm proud to be part of your team.

These are the REAL faces of educators!

Keep fighting the good fight!

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