Ancient China Philosophy



Confucianism was based on a man named Confucius. He was born in the 550 b.c.e the time. He lived in a time were the rival kings fought each other for power. Confucius criticized the misrule of the kings. He persuaded the people to follow the beliefs of their ancestors. if the people did that Confucius believed that there would be peace and harmony in china. Duty was the central idea of Confucianism. Everybody had a duty, like children was to respect their parents.


Daoism also had to do with peace, daoism was a way of life too. It started by someone named Laozi, he was during the time like Confucius. Daoism has to do with a good and simple life. Confucianism and Daoism were different and similar.


This third one is importantly stressed about law. This philosophy was introduced by Hanefeizi. Unlike the other two he thought that everybody was naturally evil. So there was strict laws and hard punishments to force them to do their duties.

Here are some Pics of the 3 Philosophies that I am talking about.....