Voucheres RM30

when you purchase the Steamboat & BBQ set

It's so easy...

Purchase the Steamboat & BBQ set to get RM30 off additional items or your next visit.

How do I redeem?

1. Download the Voucheres app

2. Find the Pak John promotion on Voucheres

3. Visit Pak John for your Steamboat and BBQ set, and enjoy!

Lot GL-02 & FL-02, Wangsa Walk Mall,
Wangsa Avenue

Terms & Conditions

1. the RM 30 voucher can be used with your current meal, over and above the RM 69.90 set.
2. the RM 30 voucher can be used to order any item in the menu at the price stated in the menu.
3. should the order exceed RM 30, you have to pay the balance. Should the order be less then RM 30, no change will be provided.
4. the RM 30 voucher cannot be used to offset government taxes and service charges.