Kokanee Library Newsletter

May 2017

Last Week for Book Checkouts: June 5-9

June 5-9 will be the last week that students will be able to check out books. After June 9th, please remind students to return all books as soon as possible! We will be doing a full inventory this year so the sooner all books get turned in the better. After the week of June 9th we will be sending Late Notices weekly so students know what books they have out. Please note that teachers are welcome to check out after June 9th!
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2nd Annual KO Poetry Slam!

For the second year in a row, we are focusing on Poetry in May culminating in a Poetry Slam for all 3rd-6th graders. Students can choose to sign up to share a poem that they wrote or one they like written by someone else to the class. Winners will be selected in each class. 1st and 2nd graders will be performing Poetry as well but not in a Slam format.

What's Happening in the Library this Month?

Winners Announced for Washington Book Awards!

1st and 2nd Grade students voted for their favorite Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award. 3rd Graders participated in the new Otter Award and 4th-6th Graders voted for the Sasquatch Award. Kokanee winners were as follows:

WCC Award - Finding Winnie

Otter Award - Ranger in Time

Sasquatch - Vine Basket and Space Case

See below for the State Winners!

Washington Children's Choice Award:

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Otter Award:

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Sasquatch Award:

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Technology Tips!

Cube Creator

Cube Creator provides templates designed to break the writing process into six distinct parts. There are templates for writing biographies, mysteries, short stories, and a blank template that you can customize. Students enter the required information into the online template. When the template is completed, it can be printed with lines for cutting and folding to create an actual cube.


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Math Pickle

Math Pickle is a free site that offers dozens of fun and challenging math puzzles for students of all ages. The puzzles are designed to foster collaborative problem solving over the course of 45 to 60 minutes. Almost all of the puzzles are presented as a series of small, connected problems that students need to solve to complete the puzzle presented to them. The puzzles can be viewed as slides and or downloaded as PDFs.


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