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What's the problem

Many people in Detroit don't have health care. It's a problem because if people don't have health care then they won't get the right treatment. People can't pay healthcare because their job salary is low. If people don't get health care then they get a fine to pay. "He paid a fine of about $150 for being uninsured in 2014." (Ricardo Alsono). A lot of people are in need in help in Detroit to start a better life.

Why it's a problem

Why it's a problem because health care is too expensive and people can't pay for it. About 2/3 of people in Detroit don't have healthcare. Young adults can't afford health care because of their jobs so they can they get about $695 fine for not getting health care. This is a major problem in Detroit. "Study by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation estimates the average 2016 penalty at $969 per uninsured household." (Ricardo Alsono).

How can my candidate help this problem.

Max will help by using money from taxes. My candidate will take money from taxes and use that money to destroy and rebuild better homes and hospitals in Detroit. He will also make Detroit smaller by tearing down old neighborhood homes and use that land as farmland. You should vote for Max to make Detroit great again.


Detroit- An industrial city.

Healthcare- Improvement to health and/or medical services.

Candidate- A person who applies for a job or nominated for an election.

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* What's the problem

* Why it's a problem

* How can my candidate help this problem

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