Boundary Update

November Meeting Recap and Maps

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Last night the Boundary Committee completed their process in the development of new boundaries for the District's elementary, middle and high schools. The committee reviewed each map and discussed the feedback they had received related to each scenario. Adjustments were presented and made to the maps in real time and the committee analyzed the resulting data related to those suggestions. Ultimately the consensus of the committee was to move forward with the maps as-is for elementary, middle and high school attendance areas as their recommendation to the Board of Education.

Here are the boundary maps that will be recommended to the Board of Education at the December 19, 2019 meeting. PLEASE NOTE: these scenarios are not finalized until they are approved by the Board of Education.

DRAFT Elementary School Redistricting Scenario

DRAFT Middle School Redistricting Scenario

DRAFT High School Redistricting Scenario

The resulting feeder pattern of the proposed maps can be viewed below. PLEASE NOTE: the last update erroneously shared that all of Duello would feed into South Middle. The Wyndemere subdivision would stay at Duello, and feed into Frontier Middle and Liberty, as it currently does.

The elementary boundaries, once finalized and approved by the Board, will go into effect for the 2020-2021 school year; the middle school and high school boundaries, once finalized and approved by the Board, will go into effect beginning in the 2021-2022 school year.

For more information, including the MGT presentations, the Demographic Study, Frequently Asked Questions, the Boundary Timeline, and the summary of feedback received in September, visit the WSD website. Any comments related to the proposed boundaries can be sent to and they will be shared collectively with the Board of Education prior to the December 19th meeting.

Resulting Feeder Pattern of Recommended New Boundaries

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*Schools in italics (Duello and the new elementary) split feed; Duello students split between Frontier Middle and South Middle and also split between Liberty and Timberland for high school, and the new elementary school will split between South Middle and Wentzville Middle, but will all go to the new high school.

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