Battle Of Yorktown

By Jamie Sennett


The Battle Of Yorktown was the last battle of the Revolutionary War. George Washington was the American General. Charles Cornwallis was the British General. Comte de Rochambeau was the French General. In conclusion the battle of Yorktown was a important battle it also was the last battle for the Revolutionary War.


George Washington was the American General for this battle.

George Washington was born February 22nd 1732 in Westmore country in Virginia. Washington had 2 presidential terms from April 30th 1789~March 4th 1797. In 1758 George Washington was elected to be president/public office. In addition, an interesting fact is that George Washington went to school but did NOT go to college. In the battle of Yorktown, George Washington ambushed the British with the help of the French fleet. General Charles Cornwallis lost to General George Washington and General Comte de Rochambeau.

The British

General Charles Cornwallis was the General for the British Army and lost this battle.

General Cornwallis was born December 31st 1738 in London England. He was educated at Eton and Clare college in Cambridge. His first military experience was in "The Seven Years War, " but General Cornwallis was defeated in the battle of Yorktown. However, that did not destroy his career. He became the Governor/General of India in 1786. The American and French troops had the British army surrounded and outnumbered at Yorktown. General Charles Cornwallis surrendered at the battle of Yorktown on October 19, 1781, and signed the Articles of Capitulation.

The Generals

The French

Comte de Rochambeau was the French general for this battle.

Comte de Rochambeau was born July 1st 1725 in France. In March 1780 Rochambeau was selected to command an army being sent to America. He had to work with General George Washington. During the battle of Yorktown, Rochambeau fought with General George Washington against General Charles Cornwallis. Rochambeau commanded the French and surrounded/ambushed the British. Finally General Charles Cornwallis surrendered. After the war, Rochambeau did go to jail for being a "suspect" but was released. Then he retired and died in 1807. In conclusion, General Comte de Rochambeau fought in the battle of Yorktown and helped General George Washington win the battle.


In conclusion, you know now about the battle of Yorktown!

General George Washington won the battle. General Comte de Rochambeau helped General George Washington win the battle. And General Charles Cornwallis lost the battle of Yorktown. But overall I think the battle of Yorktown was one of the most important battles, because without it who knows what would have happened if we didn't win? This battle is a big part of history since it was it was the last battle which ended the war and gave us our independence from England. But I hope you have learned something about the battle of Yorktown. Glossary is below!


Ambushed: Attacked from suprise.

General: Highest ranking military officer.

Revolutionary: Of or relating to the American Revolution, the war for American independence (1775-1783)