The three philosophies


The first philosophy is confucianism this was base on a person named confucius.He lived in a place where rival kings fought each other.He told people to follow the beliefs of the ancestors.If the people of China can do that than this could bring peace and harmony to China.Their are duties that are in confucianism first is that parents to love their children.second is that children respect their parents.Husbands should support their wives and wives should support their husbands.He believed that if people can fulfill their duties society will do well.Confucius believed that the goverment should let all men that has a ability can join.The aristocrats did not let more people in the goverment.Emperors chose goverment officials by letting people in who pass the civil service test.Confucius was honored as a great teacher.When he died confuciamism was spread all around China.


The second philosophy is daoism it is to have a peaceful society.The person who had the ideas was called Laozi.Daoism teaches people to live a good life.People who believe in this thinks that people should be themselves and live a simple life.Daoism taught people to turn away from bad things in the world and live in harmony with nature.In ancient China they liked the two philosophy because they think that they support each other


Legalism is the third philosophy it is the stress the importance of a systems of laws.Hanfeizi was the person who made the ideas of legalism.He believes that humans are naturally evil.Laws and harsh punishments were to make people do their duty.Aristocrats use legalism because it helps their force.Legalism has cruel punishments for the smallest crime