By: Kennedy Davis and Bailey Moore

Risks and Rewards:

  • RISK-
  • Skydiving can kill you: "Faulty parachutes can obviously kill sky divers." ("Skydiving").
  • You can break or dislocate bones: "... When his left shoulder was dislocated by the air string during free-fall" ("The Truth About Skydiving Risks").
  • You can suffer long-term effects: "Spinal cord injuries, paralysis and traumatic brain injuries have also been recorded" ("The Dangers of Skydiving").
  • Freedom: "A beautiful aspect of skydiving is the feeling experienced in free fall. Though descending at 120mph, speed isn't really felt which gives the sensation of floating as opposed to plummeting. To view the world from above as if flying like a bird offers a sense of freedom and perspective seldom felt elsewhere." ("The Rewards of Skydiving").
  • Escaping your comfort zone: "It is said that escaping your comfort zone is the first step to living." ("The Rewards of Skydiving").
  • Empowerment - "Skydiving is empowering. For those just beginning, it's intimidating and can be nerve-racking. To face fears and overcome them especially when everyone in your social circle says your crazy for doing it, is empowering. If you can skydive and enjoy the experience, what can't you do? Nothing." ("The Rewards of Skydiving").

Is it worth it?

The final question is this: is skydiving worth the risks? Our answer is a definite yes, because while there are some risks included in skydiving, the rewards are great and you are given a sense of freedom and empowerment. There is also only a .0007% chance of dying in a skydiving accident, compared to a .0167% chance of dying in a car accident, but we still use cars in our daily lives. Therefore, skydiving IS worth the risks because while there is a chance you suffer injuries, there is an even greater chance you have fun.

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