By: Caleb Willis

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Geographical features

Argentina has geographical features ranging from plain grasslands to one of the seven wonders of the world (Iguazu Falls). There is the Aconcagua mountain in the Mendoza chain which is the highest point in South America. Argentina borders the Atlantic Ocean. Rio dela plata is an estuary and one of the major waterways of the western hemisphere. The "Rio Parana" river flows in the east of Argentina.

Main rivers in Argentina

1. Rio Panara

2. Salado

3. Colorado

4. Rio Negro

5. Chubut

Top 3 languages

1. Spanish- 40,900,000 people

2. Italian- 1,500,000 people

3. Levantine Arabic- 1,000,000 people


89% Argentina is Roman Catholic, 2% is Protestant, 2% is Jewish, and the other 7% is non- religious.


The government in Argentina is Democratic Republican


The population in Argentina as of 2015 is 42,600,000


December-February is Summer (very hot and humid)

March-May is Fall (occasional rain)

June-August is Winter (VERY, VERY cold)

September-November is Spring (warm, wet, and sunny)


The climate in Argentina is tropical and it is very hot in the summer.


The Currency in Argentina is the ARS (Argentine Peso). $1 USD=$10 ARS


98% literacy rate (one of the highest of all Latin America countries).

Compulsory schooling-6 years in primary school and 6 in secondary school or 7 years in primary school and 5 in secondary school.


Most of Argentina has a beef based diet. Dulce de leche is very popular in Argentina.
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