07/27/00 he's been born!

On this day in history.

July 27th is a day that holds many important events throughout the history of the world. Heres a list to name a few:

  • Sir Walter Raleigh brings first tobacco plant to England in 1586

  • USA creates the State Dept. in 1789

  • Orville Wright tests us army’s first airplane in 1909

  • LBJ signs bill that makes cigarette makers show how bad cigarettes are for the body in 1965

  • The Korean War Memorial was dedicated in 1985

Events of 2000

North and South Korea sign peace treaty on June 13

Gladiator was released (movie)

Michigan beats Alabama in orange bowl on Jan. 1st

Clinton releases Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to the public on May 2nd

Italy pardons the gunman that attempted assassination on Pope John Paul June 13

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what the moon looked like on July 27 2000