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Great Things Happening in Pit

Jihan moved from Ganado, AZ. He was completely new to percussion and how to play all the instruments involved. Nevertheless, he joined the marching band and became a striving member of the pit. Jihan has worked extremely hard to improve his technique and ability to play the various instruments. Personally, I believe Jihan has become a very valuable person in the pit. His hard work and endeavor to become a great percussionist allows him to get better and better everyday.

-Darek Dunbar

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Isabel the Great!

During her sophomore year Isabel participated in after school tuba sessions, as a non band member, once a week regardless of her lack of musical experience. Starting as a new marcher her junior year, Isabel has joined the Combs Marching Band as a contra player and is making outstanding strides of improvement. Every practice she is positive and is determined to march to the best of her ability. Even with the 25lbs instrument she works hard and never complains about the weight. Her ability to play the tuba improves everyday and we look forward to her further improvement. We are excited to have such a dedicated hard working musician within the band. Keep up the amazing work Isabel!

- Megan Lucero, author

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More from the Pit!!!!

David Flores is relatively new to the percussion section. He joined the marching band and became a member of the pit after only a little time in percussion. David continues to get better at his instrument daily. He strives to be the best and that's what makes him great. As the season goes on, I only expect to see great things for him ahead. I am very excited for him to be a part of the Combs Marching Band.

-Darek Dunbar

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Andy Graves is one of our dedicated trumpet players in the Combs Marching Band. He has gotten a new and improved silver trumpet. The trumpet brand is an Eastman, in silver color, with a flower engraving on the bell. The valves and screws are hexagonal with an iridescent, pearl color buttons on top of the valves. The mouthpiece is a 3C. Andy remembers testing this beautiful trumpet at Milano's Music Store, and he said he remembered feeling like he could play this trumpet for the rest of his band life. He first got this trumpet last Friday, the 4th of September. He loves the tone quality of the new trumpet and he's excited to show it off to the band world!

- Sydney Brown, author

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A Thank You to Our Sponsors!!!!

Thank you all so much for sponsoring our band! We couldn't do this without you! Thank you Buddy's Pizza, Superstition Mtn Music, Scott Read, Water & snack donors, DECA Southwest, Dailey Yogurt-N-More!!!!!

Come Join Us!!! San Tan Valley Community Band Invitation - Sept. 11

Did you play a band instrument in your college music program? Maybe you were in the concert band or even the marching band in college! Combs High School invites all community members who were college "band kids" to come play with our CHS Marching Band on Friday night, September 11 for a special patriotic tribute. Parents, teachers, grandparents, young adults, this is for you!!! Dust off that old case that has been stashed in the closet or under your bed for this night of fun. In addition to the patriotic tune before the game, community band members are invited to jam with the Coyotes in the bleachers for fun songs like the Hey Song, Louie Louie, Land of 1000 Dances, and more! We will meet on the north side of the school by the big grassy field at 5:30 PM to play through the music together before we go to the stadium. Feel free to contact our band director, Julie Trent, at for more information.