Katelyn Krahn. 2nd Hour

Career overview

This career is about testing people's DNA to see what diseases they may have. They also study body tissues, fluids, and to complex test on there patents.

What you need to succeed

Good classes to take in high school are: Anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry

As far as college, I would need: Clinical and medical laboratory science and allied profession with a major and masters degrees. Yes I would need financial help and a part time job to go. I would also pursue this job because this interested me a lot.

Cost for schooling for a year

University of Minnesota Twin-City's : $13,170 per year

Cost for your full trip

$65,850 your tuition in 13,170 per year and 13,170 for you food and housing

Organizations associated with being a biochemist

American society of Clinical pathologist

American society of laboratory science

Pros and cons for this job


We help people who are ill

Work in smaller labs

get to do something different everyday


Sometimes works under stress

They have to work carefully but quickly

Job Advertisment

Do you like to do chemistry. Do you like to look a DNA over Time. A biochemist is for you. We look for the diseases that most people don't know they have. This job leads you to work in hospitals and get great hours. You need a masters in a clinical/medical laboratory science. You have a good pay in which is 42,470 in just the first few years of the job. Become a biochemist today.