Food Land


Food Land Into.

Welcome to Food Land where its in space. In my land you can eat which ever food you like without getting fat and the food is free. In Food Land you can have whatever you want but except the bad things like guns, drugs, etc. You can't get sick in Food Land and the things that are expensive in earth, well in our land its cheap. My economic system is Capitalism which means an economic system in which private business operates in competition and largely free of state control.


Capitalism means government is only involved in protection and safety regulation. In Food Land the way it works is that we trade stuff because money does not exist. Also the land is feel with food so you wont have to worry of starving.


Food Land where we Save.Eat.Better. The reason why you should live in Food Land is because you can eat food when ever you want to without getting fat, trading stuff because money dosnt exist, and there you can have whatever you want. Now who doesnt want to live in Food Land when you all of these choices. Save. Eat. Better
What is Capitalism? Part 1