Gardens' Greetings


Winding down our year, on the DL

I would like to thank all of you who emailed me regarding placement. In the last week of summer you will receive your child's placement on Powerschool.

Distance Learning is continuing strong and we thank you so much for your continual support. Teachers and students are finding new ways weekly to work together in the most efficient and effective format. Google meets hosting read alouds, dance parties, pajama parties, jamboards, and more. With almost 50 days in, we will continue until the very end.

Speaking of the end of the year, you will soon be given information on how to retrieve your child's belongings and simultaneously return items to school that need to be returned...such as library books, text books, bus tags, and classroom books. Parents will be assigned a time and a date alphabetically, by last name. It will be handled in a safe and socially distanced manner. There will be a station to drop off library books. There will be grade level specific tables and there will also be a table of lost/found items for parents to search through. Stay tuned for more specific information regarding your date to come out next week.

We will have a virtual field day on June 8th. This is organized by Mr. C. and Mr. U. On the field day, students will not have instructional work from their teachers. We hope that they take the time to enjoy their day, as they would if we had a field day!

We said goodbye to Ms. Lloyd and Ms. Yessman and we thanked them both for serving in our Kindergarten leave and Pre-K. We wish them the best! We welcome back Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Corrales to Distance Learning.

SAVE THE DATE-JUNE 23, 2020 1:00 PM

Just as one flap of a butterfly’s wings can incite a powerful weather event across the world, the positive and proud intentions behind just one clap can become a symphony of jubilation, heard across our expansive Bridgewater Raritan Community.

To celebrate our graduates from Bradley Gardens School, we are asking that at 1:00pm on June 23, 2020 your family step outside to join in the well deserved clap off as recognition of our tremendous Class of 2020!

While this is certainly different than our typical send off that carries our students into the summer, it will keep everyone safe. Time and time again, whatever the obstacle, together, we have proven that we are resilient, creative and B-R strong.

And it all begins with just one clap….

Kindergarten Orientation

We couldn't see our incoming parents/students but we tried our best to bring BGS to them. Please enjoy our Kindergarten Orientation (virtual style).

Who's Doing Their Best at BGS-School Wide Virtual Meeting for May

Who's Doing Their Best at BGS

Addition: Nicole Balayut from Mrs. Allen, Chase Dowches from Mrs. Antonelle and Advaith Kumar from Mrs. Shomers/Rasavage's class all won Student of the Month. Jayden Nguyen from Mrs. Caruso's class and Matthew Delucia from Ms. Whalen's class won Author of the Month.

Field Day 2020

4th Grade Chorus Virtual Concert

Greetings 4th Grade,

This is a friendly reminder that we shall be having a 4th Grade Chorus Virtual Concert! The rehearsal to talk details will be JUNE 11TH at 11:00 AM and our concert will be on JUNE 12TH at 11:00 AM. Mr. Holland shall be conducting Storm, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and The Bradley Garden School. The concert will take place in a google meet and the code will be provided to you for you to attend. NOTE: During the performance your microphone must be off so you can sing in the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

Hope to see you then!

Mr. Holland