Crescendo: Book 2 out of 4

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick - Project by: Therese Lumapas


Nora: goes to high school, in love with Patch, Nephilin,) Static because ever since the beginning of the book she is still in love with Patch

Patch: (Fallen angel that turned into a guardian angel for Nora, in love with Nora,) Dynamic because in the beginning even though he is going out with Nora he doesn’t have feelings but in the end he finally says “I love you” to Nora

Rixon: (fallen angel, Patch’s best friend since the beginning of life, muscular, Vee’s boyfriend) He is dynamic because in the beginning he is good friends with Nora but in the end he wants to kill her

Scott: (Nephilin, tries to protect Nora, Muscular like Rixon,) Static because he is only important in some parts of the book but he saves Nora

Vee: (Nora’s best friend, going out with Rixon in the middle of the book.) Static

Plot / Conflicts


Conflict: Nora and Patch breakup and so he is not her guardian angel anymore so Nora’s life is in danger. Patch’s best friend, Rixon, wants to kill Nora because since Nora is a Nephilin and Rixon in a fallen angel, if Rixon kills Nora he would be human instead of a fallen angel and that’s what he wants. And Nora wants to know who killed her father.

Internal or external: the conflict is external because this is between Patch, Nora, Rixon, and Scott.



Don’t always trust the 1st people you meet

· Patch and Nora trusted Rixon but he was actually the bad guy

· Nora trusted Scott but in the end he almost killed her

· Patch trusted Nora to not get in trouble since he is no longer her guardian angel but Nora could’ve got killed because of her curiosity.

Plot events

· Nora and Patch breakup and he is no longer Nora’s guardian angel and boyfriend so Nora is in constant danger

· Scott moves back to Nora’s city and him and Nora reunite but Nora finds out that Scott is a Nephilin like her.

· Nora receives a note saying that the a person named the black hand killed her father and she is trying to find out who is the black hand

· She tells Rixon about the black hand and he tells Nora that the black hand is Patch and that’s Is his nickname

· Nora takes something that is important to Scott and Scott tries to take it back but he almost kills Nora during the process and he is brought to jail

· Scott gets out and finds out that Nora is at the carnival and goes looking for her but Rixon shoots him in the leg and he falls down

· Rixon leads Nora in the funhouse alone so he can kill her but Nora doesn’t know that so she goes with him

· Nora touches Rixon’s scars where his wings were ripped off and sees that Patch isn’t the Black Hand and Rixon is the Black Hand.

· Nora ties to hide from him so she goes to the electrical room and there she runs into Scott

· Rixon finds both of them and Scott tries to protect her but he gets shot again

· Nora faints but as she woke up she finds herself in an ambulance and finds out that Patch saved her

· Rixon is sent to hell by the other guardian angels