Persevere to Achieve

By: Addie Pherson


Perseverance is never giving up even if you fail. Everybody fails at something and perseverance is to keep going until you reach your goal. Lot's of people fail and you shouldn't let anything stop you no matter what people do or say.

The Racial Act


Branch Rickey succeeded in the noble experiment with Jackie. The noble experiment is when Rickey tried to find the first black player in major leagues of baseball. They would have to be mentally and physically strong enough to deal with the hate and racist comments they will get. First, Branch Rickey researched to try and find a guy for this opportunity. He needed someone that wouldn’t give up throughout the whole experiment. Eventually, Branch Rickey investigated Jackie Robinson. After, Branch Rickey and Jackie Robinson himself double questioned if he was good enough for this job. He knew it would be hard and there would be lots of hardship. Finally, he later discovered the dedication he had to stop the racial act even though he always felt convicted.

Follow your dreams


In the video "A Pep Talk" it shows many characteristics that make it motivational. One reason is the background music. It flows good with the words in the video. It was slow at first but got faster and I think this helped it get more exciting. Another reason it's motivational is the way he talks. He get's serious and then he will say something funny. It really gained the viewers attention. The most important reason it is motivational is when he put the quotes on the screen. It really helped you understand the meaning of the whole video. It showed he put a lot of heart and really meant what he said. The best quote that shows the overall message is "Follow your dreams unless your dreams are stupid, get a new dream." This shows, the main message that he's trying to get through. You can do anything if your determined and if you persevere. It also really caught my attention and made it more interesting.

Everything Happends for a Reason

(Cause and Effect)

The reason why Eleanor Roosevelt became a very independent women was because of all her family tragedies and problems. Eleanor always felt idle or Inadequate because her mom didn’t want her, she wanted a boy. Later, Eleanor's beautiful mother and her sweet baby brother both died. Eleanor was sent to live with her grandmother and go to boarding school. A couple years later another tragedy happened. Eleanor's father had also died. When Eleanor meet her husband she thought life was good until he had Polio. All of these conflicts made her an independent women. She was strong and determined to make a difference. Eleanor was thankful all of these things happen because they made her a stronger women. Overall, the result is all the family issues made her a stronger, independent, and determined person.
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Learning from others Perseverance

Overall, we can learn many things from others perseverance. One thing we could learn is don't let anything or anyone stop you from what you want to do. For example, Jackie Robinson had a lot of hate but he kept going and playing baseball no matter what. Another thing we can learn is if you fail try again. For example, in "losing to Win" they never won a game but they kept trying and never gave up.