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Weekly Newsletter: June 1

HCLA Events & Activities:

Week of June 1

  • Monday, June 1 & 2: Smile Dental
  • Monday, June 1: Y Family Night
  • Tuesday, June 2: Faculty Meeting/EOG Test Training (Mandatory)
  • Tuesday, June 2: Book Fair Family Night
  • Thursday, June 4: Charter Renewal Site Visit
  • Friday, June 5: First Friday Assembly
  • Friday, June 5: Enrollment Acceptance Confirmations Due from new Applicants

Week of June 8

  • Monday, June 8: Waitlist Notifications for available seats
  • Wednesday, June 10: Board Meeting
  • Thursday, June 11: Leadership Night

*Please note that our mandatory full staff Year 2 training that was initially scheduled for the last day of school has been re-scheduled for July 17th (8:30-3:30). Please mark your calendars.

The Countdown is on 20 days until the last day of school!

This Week's Hallway Huddle Quote & Activities

Weekly Quote

“ Learning never exhausts the mind”

-Leonardo Da Vinci


- What is something that you have really been meaning to learn how to do? It could be a hobby, joining a new club, playing a sport, etc.

- What is holding you back from learning this new skill and what could you do to set a goal to make it happen?

- Students will then discuss with each other something new that they would like to learn how to do or about.

- Students may want to think about this new skill as they set their goals for what they would like to accomplish over the summer.

Curriculum Reminders/Updates

  • Teachers, please remember to make mClass testing a priority in order to complete by the end of our testing window. It is very important that we meet the deadline of our testing window.
  • Interim reports should be sent home on this Friday (due to the extension provided last week). Please make sure that you have them complete and in folders.
  • Please be prepared at our June 16th meeting to discuss curriculum orders for next school year.

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is open and ready for business this school week! The book fair will open at 10 am on Monday and Tuesday. There will also be a Book Fair Family Night on Tuesday, June 2nd. Information will be sent home to parents with details.

A 7 Habits Weekly Booster...

Employ ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos relates to your personal credibility; pathos has to do with your feeling, empathic side; logos is your logic. When you employ all three of these qualities in your interactions, you're taking all known facts and perceptions into account, which benefits everyone.

Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood

I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem

I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem

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