Middle School

Middle School Extra Curricular Activities


The Lab

All PALCS Middle School students are welcome to attend the Lab events. These events will be held every other month; usually the third Friday of that month. The purpose of these events is to allow students to interact with other PALCS Middle School students and their teachers in a hands-on science experience. Each event will have a different theme.

  • Contact: Middle School Science Team - Jenn Leone, Melissa Perri, Mollie Devinney
  • Sign Up Info: Students are able to register for The LAB events through the Lobby Page on the PALCSchool Lobby page.

MS Connect

Middle School Connect is a monthly in-person get together for students and staff around a central theme. The theme for each month usually goes alone with the time of year or a holiday that is occurring during that month. The event is advertised on the main Lobby page in PALCSchool as well as in each homeroom

  • Contact: Janee Frieko
  • Sign Up Info: Students are able to register for The LAB events through the Lobby Page on the PALCSchool Lobby page.


The Palcs STEM Camp is designed to expose students to STEM related concepts and activities in a collaborative group, teacher-guided environment. Each special tool available to students in the PALCS STEM Camp has been carefully chosen to address learning of a specific skill set. The featured devices of the camp are the Raspberry Pi, which is a linux-based mini computer that will drive many of the activities and the VEX Robotics kits.

  • Contact: Kevin Reigner, Dan Slusser
  • Sign Up Info: Students are able to register for the summer STEM Camp in the fourth marking period through the PALCS Lobb

Book Club

This is the official book club for all middle school students here at PALCS. Throughout the year, we will read many exciting books suited for students grades 6-8. We will read anything from today's hottest teen fiction to time-tested classics of any genre. All books are voted on by group members and approved by the school's administration. Students involved with this club will be encouraged to engage in light-hearted discussion with their peers both via administered discussion boards and Zoom calls.

Student Newsletter

The Middle School Newsletter is a student run Newsletter that provides information about events and activities that are taking place in our School. The Newsletter provides a forum where students can share their artistic talents and writing skills through movie and book reviews. The students also share Science experiments and creative recipes through the bi-monthly newsletter. Weekly meetings are held on Thursday afternoons at 1 pm.

Student Government

MSSG meets about twice monthly to discuss student issues and plan activities. Activities would include a Middle School Dance, public service trips, and Leadership Conferences. Issues discussed would include bullying in the classroom and ways to increase student engagement in the cyber environment. The goal of Student Government is promote civic duty and awareness for the student body.

  • Contact: Nick Yund
  • Sign Up Info: Middle School Student Government is an organization in which all Middle School students are added upon enrollment to the Middle School.

National Junior Honor Society

This is the official PALCS chapter for the National Junior Honor Society. In this group, students will engage in both academic and service projects that will allow them to demonstrate leadership skills, while cultivating relationships with other like-minded honor students. Students will also receive information regarding seminars and other resources that may be of use to them in their academic career, both in college and in the workforce.

  • Contact: David Gerstle
  • Sign Up Info: Students must complete and submit applications, which are posted in MP2. Application information is posted in PALCS school lobby, newsletters and Principals page. Students who are selected are inducted in March.