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February 5, 2016 - Issue 22

Student Information Sheet

Don't forget to send the orange student information sheet back to the front office as soon as possible. If you are new to LVES this school year, you do not need to complete the sheet, as you filled one out at registration.

Get a new phone number or move recently?

Don't forget to let Veronica, our Registrar, know if you have a new phone number or recently moved to a new address. It is important that we have current, working phone numbers on file in case we need to contact you in the event of an emergency. Thanks for your help!

4th Grade Writing Benchmarks

Our 4th graders will take a writing benchmark on Tuesday, February 9th. This is an opportunity for students to practice their writing skills in preparation for the upcoming STAAR test in March. If you have a 4th grader, please make sure he/she gets plenty of rest and eats a healthy breakfast on Monday. If you are visiting campus on those days, please be aware that students will be taking the benchmarks in multiple locations throughout the building. Thank you for your help in keeping our hallways quiet on those days.

Family Fun Night is Tuesday

Don't forget to stop by PDQ in Cedar Park on Tuesday, February 9th for some yummy food for our monthly Family Fun Night. Kindergarten teachers will be there to help take orders, make shakes and call out orders! The class that has the most signatures at the end of the night will win free milkshakes. Last month's winner was Ms. Bingham's 2nd grade class.

Valentine's Day Parties are Friday

Valentine’s Day parties are on Friday! If you would like to avoid a line at the Raptor machine, call the front office before Friday and we will be glad to have your badge waiting for you. This is one of our party days for the year, so please check with your child’s teacher about any food allergies in the classroom. If you are going to take your child home from the class party, there will be a sign out sheet in the classroom. Please sign your child out there, and bring the pink ticket to the table at the front. This will help us ensure a smooth dismissal on Friday afternoon.

Father/Daughter Dance - February 19th

The date is getting closer! There is still time to buy tickets to the Daddy/Daughter Dance on February 19th. There will be a photo booth, dancing, games and food so you won't want to miss out. Don't worry Moms and Sons, an event will be planned for you later in May.
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Missing Glasses?

Nurse Carmichael has a big collection of lost glasses that need to find their owners. If your child is missing his/her glasses, please have them stop by the nurse's office.
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LVISD Monthly Character Trait...

February's Character Trait is Fairness - Play by the rules. Take turns and share. Be open-minded and listen to others. Don't take advantage of others. Don't blame others carelessly. Treat all people fairly.

How are you showing Fairness? Read the Counselor's Corner to find out what students are learning about citizenship with Ms. Box.

Counselor's Corner

Fairness is our character trait for February. Vikings have been learning that fairness is playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing, not blaming others, being open-minded and listening, and treating all people fairly. We have also been discussing how we can stand up for what is right and for others when they are not being treated fairly. After the discussion, the students get into groups and go through scenario cards and decide if the scenario is fair or not fair. Once they sort each scenario, each group shares their responses and why they feel that way. At the end of the lesson, each student receives a bookmark from the Pacer Center, which is an organization that brings awareness to people and kids on the topic of bullying.

Watch DOGS

Thank you to the following Watch DOGs for being on campus next week:

  • Monday, February 8th - OPEN
  • Tuesday, February 9th - Curtis Burke
  • Wednesday, February 10th - Christopher Schmitz
  • Thursday, February 11th - Damon Vaughan
  • Friday, February 12th - Robin Smith

Weekly Attendance Rate

Our attendance rate for the week of February 4th:

  • 96%

Remember our weekly goal is 97%, so please make sure that your child is at school everyday from 7:45-2:45.

Need Help?

Transportation Changes and Student Sign-out:

Christine Harris, Administrative Assistant

Registration and Attendance:

Veronica Fidencio, Registrar/Attendance Clerk

Student Emotional Support:

Kim Box, Counselor

Student Health:

Gina Carmichael, School Nurse

Discipline and School Improvement:

Michelle Jackson, Principal

Eric Holt, Assistant Principal

Upcoming Events

  • February 9th - LVES Family Fun Night at PDQ, 4-9 pm
  • February 10th - DEIC Meeting, 6-8 pm in Viking Hall
  • February 15th - School Holiday for Students and Staff
  • February 19th - Daddy/Daughter Dance, 7-9 pm in LVES Gym
  • February 23rd - Lucas Miller Show