Sandy Gulf State Park

Kaitlin Huntsberger

Come to the Beautiful Coast of Texas, Today!

Come join us! Where the weather is warm & sunny, but sometimes wet. Your right off the coast while vacationing.

Hours: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Night stay- $25

Day stay- $10

Galveston, Tx

Animals of the Gulf

A lot of marine life live here. Like dolphins, fish, crabs, sharks, jellyfish, and sea turtles. There is also dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals. Other animals are deer, raccoons, and some bugs and lizards.

Some of the Top Activities and Events!

Guaranteed to be Breathtaking and Fun

Playing in the Sand

Have you ever made a sand castle that was blown away by the wind or took some sand home? Well, that is a process of deposition. Deposition- sand, sediment, and rocks is added to a land form and a land mass.


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Ecoregion Science

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