Pasquotank River Basin

By: Eduardo and Camryn

Pasquotank River Basin

This basin is located in Virginia and North Carolina by the coast, and over 118,913 people live there as of 2010. There are over 2,000 miles of streams and rivers included in this basin.

Animals that live in this basin:

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Animals That Live in This Basin:

Description of the Basin

Some landmarks in this basin include Albemarle sound, Chowan river, Alligator river, Bodie Island Lighthouse, and Currituck sound.
Some non-point source pollutants are herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, oil, grease, and toxic materials that have been put into the water supply.
Some point source pollutants are air pollution from the factories, dirty water from the sewers of homes, ans contaminated soils.
A solution to the non-point pollutants that are contaminating this basin would be to have regular checkups and monitor pesticide and herbicide levels.
A solution to the point source pollutants that are contaminating this basin could be limiting businesses and factories on how much pollutants they can produce and discard.