Willemstand Times

By: Kendall E.

Blind boy survives on island

On August 20th a blind boy named Phillip Enright was rescued from the devils mouth.

After a couple of weeks we wanted to ask him a few questions about his unexpected trip.

Q: How did you get on the raft in the first place?

A: Well, I had been on the boat the SS Hato and I hit my head really hard when I woke up I was on a raft with a black man.

Q: How did you become blind?

A: Timothy said it was because I had looked up at the sun too long, also I got hit on the head with something from the ship.

Q: How did Timothy build the hut?

A: He gathered sticks and leaves and tied knots in the rope like branches and put it all together and made a hut.

Q: Were you happy when Timothy built the bridge for fishing off of for you?

A: I was very happy because then I could survive by myself if something happened to him.

Q: How did you prepare for the storm?

A: We tied everything to the top of the tree so that it would not wash away.

Q: What happened after timothy died?

A: I was very sad I was wishing he had taken me with him and not of left me. But I know he was just trying to protect me.

Q: Did you rebuild everything?

A: It took more than three days to rebuild but I did it but it did not look as good as Timothys.

Q: What did you feel when you heard the first plane?

A: I got so happy and was very joyful I ran to light the fire so it would see me but it never landed.

Q: Why did it not land?

A: I thought it was because the fire did not have black smoke so I took some sea grape leafs and put them on the fire so it would make a trail of black smoke.

Q: What did you feel when you heard the boat?

A: I was so happy that I rushed to the coastline and waved my hands in Joy.

Weather in Curacao

Timothy's Obituary

Timothy Gumbs died early July. Timothy had been abandoned as a baby. As a kid, he had a dream of being captain of his own schooner.When he finally got a job on another ship, he was fourteen but claimed an age of sixteen. He worked long enough and hard enough, both at sea and on land, to be able to afford a schooner. He renamed this schooner the Hannah Gumbs, as he had always wanted. Making a living by being captain, Timothy used his knowledge to help Phillip Enright Jr. survive on the cay.

National News


  • August 15 –The American tanker SS Ohio reaches Malta as part of the convoy of Operation pedestal.
  • August 17– First raid by heavy bombers of U.S. Eighth Air Force against occupied France.

  • August 19 - Dieppe raid allied forces raid Dieppe, france.
  • August 22 – Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy.
  • August 23 – German troops reach the suburbs of Stalingrad.