"Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior."

By: John Reilly

Explanation and Relation to Socrates

The quote means that once a woman acquires the same rights as a man, that woman becomes more powerful than him. One of Socrates's philosophies was to expose false truths, so by stating this, Socrates was explaining that the rights of a women in Athens were restricted so that men could remain superior. The false truth was that many believed that men were superior, but women are actually superior and this is not obvious because they have restricted rights. Another philosophy of Socrates was that people should live in truth. Socrates believed it as a lie that men are superior, so he thought everyone was living in lies. When he stated this quote, Socrates was teaching a few of his morals to his supporters.
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Relation to Ancient Greece

This quote explains possible reasoning as to why society in Ancient Greece was the way it was. In Ancient Greece, women's rights were restricted. For example, in democracies, such as Athens, women could not vote, also in most societies women did not have the rights of citizens, which limited their rights to those of slaves and aliens. The rights of women were restricted because men knew that if women had the same rights as them, then the women would be more powerful than the men. In order to stay on top, for pride or just power, the men restricted the rights of all women. Men purposely demoted women in Ancient Greek society in order to remain on top.
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