This Week in Geometry

November 16 - November 20


I am working on entering grades this weekend, as is my routine. Grades should be completely updated by Monday evening, at the latest. A few reminders:

- If you see this (*) it means that there is no grade entered. This is either that I haven't entered that assignment or that your student was absent. This assignment is NOT missing, even though it will be listed in the missing assignments because Skyward marks anything where there is no grade entered as missing. Rest assured that, at this time, that assignment is NOT hurting your student's grade.

- If you see a zero (0), this assignment IS missing and IS hurting your student's average. They need to complete and return this assignment as soon as possible.

Blackboard and Tutoring

Just a reminder that Blackboard is updated daily with calendar entries to let students know what they may have missed if they were absent. Also, the calendar has important events, such as marking period dates and test dates on it. I also post copies of assignments and handouts in Blackboard and attach copies of daily work assignments in Skyward.

Also, just a reminder that I am generally available for tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, if students are struggling and need extra help. If Tuesdays and Thursdays don't work out for your student, encourage them to talk to me, as I am here many of the weekdays after school and could likely arrange another day if they need it.

This week, I will be available on Tuesday and Thursday after school, if needed.

Bring Your Parent to School Day

This Friday, November 20, is "Bring Your Parent to School Day". We encourage all parents who are able to attend school with your students. We need you to do a few things, if you are planning on coming:

1. Fill out the attached form and have students return it to their FIRST period teacher. The form was also sent out last week through students' advisory classes. **Form will be attached to the email AND available via Blackboard in the "Weekly Information Flyers" section

2. Stop by the school and have your ID scanned any time from 8:30-3. The last day to do this will be Thursday. Having your ID scanned ahead of time will help out tremendously with the wait times on Friday morning and allow you more time with your student.

3. We encourage you to take your child to lunch off campus. If you choose to do this, please take the rest of the day to enjoy with them and start your Thanksgiving break early. Of course, you are welcome to also eat in the cafeteria, if you would like.

Blessing Baskets

Thank you to everyone who sent items for this year's blessing baskets. We haven't heard exact numbers yet, but anything that was donated is appreciated. Again, thank you!!

This Week In Geometry

  • We will begin Unit 4B this week. This unit is all about similarity, transformations, and symmetry
  • November 20 - Bring Your Parent to School Day
  • November 23 - November 27: Thanksgiving Break and NO SCHOOL


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: