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Of Mice and Men

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was when the stock markets crashed and the bank was forced to close . The collapse of the economy in the 1930 was astonishing in its numbers.In 1932, a quarter of the nation's families did not have an employed wage earner. Even the people fortunate eniught to have a job suffered through drastic pay- cuts and hour reductions. Three-quarters of all workers were on part-time schedule, averaging just around 60% of the normal work week in 1932.

John Steinbeck

A lot of Steinbeck's novels were classified as social novels. They dealt with economic problems of rural labor. His first three books were unsuccessful, both commercially, and critically. The first successful novel he wrote was called Tortilla Flat.
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Of Mice and Men

This book was written about two men and their efforts to survive during the great depressions. George and Lennie are two migrate ranch workers, who are dropped miles away from where their next job was. They is faced was many obstacles in which they must over come.

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