NASA Missions Pioneer Venus 1&2

POST 1900


The Pioneer Venus 1 project asked for two spaceships to explore the atmosphere and surface of Venus. This project was designed to make a radar map of Venus during a eight month mission and the Pioneer Venus 1 twin Pioneer Venus 2 also carried atmospheric probes.


During a 14 year orbit of Venus ,Pioneer Venus 1 used radar maps to find that the planet Venus is generally smoother than earth. The orbiter of Venus also found out that Venus is more spherical than earth and the planet has a very slow rotation rate .( one Venus day equals 243 earth days) The orbiter confirmed that Venus has a magnetic field and found clouds to consist mainly sulphuric acid .

Knowledgement And Understanding

We now see Venus a different way because of the pioneer Venus thanks to this piece of technology we know a lot more about this amazing planet e.g. mass , if has life and all about its looks , thankyou Pioneer Venus .


The technologies used on the Pioneer Venus were a charged-particle retarding potential analyzer,charged-particle mass spectrometer, solar wind plasma analyzer,surface radar mapper, electric field experiment . That is just a few of the technologies used on the Pioneer Venus 1& 2 .