CJM Monthly Matador

September 2018

September 2018 Events


SEPT. 11: Spirit Drive Kick-off Assembly

SEPT. 12: School Site Council Mtg 3-4pm

SEPT. 14: Student of the Month Assembly - MPR

SEPT. 17: CJM Community Club Mtg: 9:20am - Annex

SEPT. 18, 19, 20: Parent Volunteer ID Badges 8:30-10am / 1-3pm: Annex

SEPT. 24 - 28: Science Olympiad Trials

SEPT. 26: Fall Portraits

Transitional Kindergarten

We are growing and exploring! In TK, we are learning how to use new learning tools and how to follow classroom procedures! We are having a blast dancing and singing about letters, colors and shapes. Our first IB unit, “Let’s Play,” focuses on social and academic skills that we develop through play. We are practicing using our words and manners to express our needs and wants. We are looking forward to doing lots of art and learning about our letters! It’s going to be a wonderful year!


Welcome back to school kindergarteners! September will be a busy month as we learn about rules and how they keep us safe. This is our first IB planner of the year. We will read books about how we can show respect and treat people the way we want to be treated. In language arts, we will continue to establish routines on how to work in reading and writing centers. We will also read informational text pieces, write narrative stories, and build a simple sentence. In math, we are learn about numbers 1-10, shapes, and adding and subtracting word problems through oral stories. It will be a fun month as we continue to learn about each other and the rules and expectations at school.


First Grade

Welcome to our new first graders, who we absolutely love! Also, welcome to our new First Grade teammate and teacher, Mrs. Thy Nguyen. We were lucky a get such a talented and well sought after teacher. Among other things, she has experience in teaching technology and math. She is a great addition to CJM and we are happy to be working with her. All first grade students have begun the PYP Unit of Study under the theme of How We Organize Ourselves. Students created classroom agreements and have been learning about the awesome attitudes of respect and cooperation through literature and roll-play. We are also focusing on the learner attribute of caring. Students have been able to practice these during explore time in class. Students are also learning about fair play and the importance of integrity during games and class pe. Thanks to all the families who showed up to Open House! We are looking forward to a fantastic year!

Second Grade

Second Grade is so happy to be back! We have participated in many exciting team-building activities and are off to a great start! Our first PYP Unit: Who We Are has created many opportunities for students to share how special they are. Throughout the month, we will also learn about the uniqueness of cultures, families, and traditions. Students will explore how life was long ago and how things are today. September will also bring us many exciting learnings on states of matter! There will be many cool things happening in 2nd grade!

Third Grade

Our third graders are off to a terrific start! Our math focus at the beginning of the year revolves around understanding the concepts of multiplication and division. Our language arts unit introduces government and a historical timeline of people’s rights. The IB planner we focus on first is “Who We Are,” as the students inquire and learn about the different IB attitudes and attributes that make them unique. It is also a reflective time for understanding that their choices make an impact on the world! Socials studies and science this month provide an opportunity for the students to learn about our galaxy, planets, continents, country, state, and city. We are excited to be traveling to the Los Angeles County Fair this month to explore the farm, make and take science stations including rockets, cars, rocks, and plant exhibits! We hit the ground running and we are so excited for a fun year!

Fourth Grade

The 4th grade has had a wonderful time returning to school! We have spent time getting to know our new classmates and teachers, as well as learning our new routines as upper grade students. During the month of September, we will explore our Who We Are Planner and learn how people have beliefs and values that are influenced by cultures and communities. We will learn the California Regions and find how the Native Americans were influenced by the geographic location they lived in. We will discover what IB attitudes and learner profiles the indigenous people exhibited. In Math, we will begin to learn how to multiply larger numbers. We also will be learning how to identify a Main Idea and details in a text when reading, and are learning Narrative Writing using the Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop method. Fourth grade is full of fun, excitement, and a lot of learning! We all look forward to a fantastic year!

Fifth Grade

Our fifth graders are off and running! We look great in our new “#unlimitedpossibilities” shirts. August is all about training to be a 5th grader, learning about drawing positive/negative attention to ourselves, and settling in. Students have put their binders together and are learning to stay organized. The students are getting acclimated to the rules and routines of 5th grade. This month we started learning how people use language to persuade or inform others. In math we are learning fractions. Finally, we have been learning how to write summaries and develop short answer responses, while incorporating evidence from the text to support our conclusions.