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Refinance Me

Refinance with Refinance Me - Australia’s number #1 destination for home mortgage refinance at the best home loan rates. Home loan refinance with our experts and secure the best variable interest rate with fewer ongoing fees and more flexible loan features.

You may be a parent of a young family and experiencing an ever increasing list of living and education expenses, or a savvy investor with a number of properties in your portfolio and wishing to release some equity. Either which way, you know you deserve a better deal, and our team know we can solve your problem and improve your circumstances.

With home loan exit fees becoming a thing of the past, there has never been a better time to review and improve your financial position. Whether you are a wage earner or self employed we are very confident our service will deliver a better result than the current circumstance you’re in with your current lender.

Simply complete the inquiry form on this page call us now on 1300 780 196 to see how we can help.

Refinance Strategy

We deal with bankers who are key decision makers with the authority to waive fees, reduce rates and jump queues in order to win your business. Home Mortgage Refinance with the best variable interest rate.

Why Refinance Me?

Our company introduces you to 'best of breed' mobile bankers within the bank. A key decision-maker with both the hunger to win your business, and the authority to waive fees and more importantly secure you home loan interest rates not readily available to the general public.

Our Experience

Our people are mortgage refinance specialists with more than 10 years' on the ground industry experience. Our people have been dealing directly with mobile bankers and more importantly sifting the good from the bad.

Refinancing? Banks can be flexible

Yep, you heard right! "Very flexible." When you're refinancing, you can, in fact, find the deal that's just right for you. The best variable interest rate, the right features, the right turnaround time. All with no fuss and no extra cost.
You just need to know who to deal with

The trick is to find those rare people within each bank with the authority and inclination to step outside box. The actual decision-makers within the lending unit, who are hungry for your business and authorized to 'bend the rules' in order to win it. The people who say "let me see what I can do.." rather than "it's not our policy to.." or "our system doesn't let me.."
These people are known as 'bankers'.

Refinance your home loan through a banker - not a bank

That's the big difference between us and most brokers. We work from a list of a dozen serious bankers who we know personally, and who know us. Actual people. We don't use a computerized comparison chart to tell us which bank to refer you to. We deal with key decision makers that waive fees, reduce rates and jump queues in order to win your refinance business.


Contact us for refinance

If you're currently refinancing, or just considering it, contact us. We'll call you and have a chat, then figure out who to put you in touch with.

So let's get the ball rolling..

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