ITLS Newsletter

October 9, 2015

Message from Julie

As the ITLS team considered how to create and produce a video about Digital Literacy in Adams 12, we grappled with the best creation tool to use. We decided to immerse ourselves in WeVideo because that is one of the cheapest (free) online video editors available. After an initial attempt to start the project, however, the pace of progress was being slowed by lack of knowledge about the tool. At that point, we (Julie) reverted to Movie Maker.

And then I went to Hulstrom to give feedback on their Inquiry Quest projects. While there I let the Hulstrom middle school students educate me about WeVideo. Their explanations were easy to understand and clear, they showed me tips and tricks to save me time, and they gave me the confidence that I too could create a WeVideo, which eventually did happen.

Thanks for the way the you empower students to be digital literacy leaders for their peers and adults throughout our learning community. I've heard about the tech support teams that people have formed, the digital citizenship student leaders that people have identified, and the tech geniuses that have been trained to support the use of tech in classrooms. It takes time to teach students to be leaders; thanks for investing your time in our students!



Lisa Starbuck is retired!!! Join us at Baker Street Pub October 15, at 3:15 pm to wish her well as she starts this next exciting chapter in her life.

Hour of Code: December 7-13

Sharing the information and getting people excited about a new kind of literacy….If you are planning on participating let us know and let the world know. You can register your event at this web site. There are already a few Adams 12 Schools registered: Mountain View, Northglenn Middle, Skyview, and Stukey. We would love to have all schools trying something. Promote Hour of Code
Chromebook App Menu/Launcher look has changed.

Click the button to watch a quick video on how it looks now.

Grant Opportunities

From Your Peers

Tricia's Tech Tip

Click here to find out more about Voice Typing in Multiple Languages in Google Docs.

Adobe Voice: From Batoul Baydoun

In the spirit of not reinventing the wheel... If you have iPads in your school and have used Adobe Quick Voice or are interested in a neat and easy presentation app, Here are directions you can use with your teachers and students.

Banned Book Week at Legacy High School: From Claire Trotter

Claire Trotter put together a visually stunning display at Legacy High School. Check it out!

Westlake Window Art for Banned Book Week: from Marcie Brozovich

Monsters! Monsters! Everywhere!

Schools hosting Book Fairs around the district jumped on the monster theme and really had a lot of fun.

DLP Agenda: October 13, 2015

The Morning:

  • Collaboration Successes
  • Change Protocol (New learning experience for all of us!)
  • If I had $10,000...
  • Digital Literacy in the Content Areas: Guest Speaker-Brooke Tolmachoff
  • Digital Literacy Collaboration in grade level groups

The Afternoon

Session One:

  • Mt. Evans - SLO Work Session - Elementary level - with Megan Cain (Don't forget to prewatch the video)
  • Mt. Lincoln - Collaboration time with peers
  • Tin Cup - Tech Tools - Add-ons- Joelle
  • Mt. Massive - Discussion about how to increase Depth of Knowledge; how to go deeper with research - Tiah

Session Two:

  • Mt. Evans - SLO Work Session - Secondary level - with Megan (Don't forget to prewatch the video!)
  • Mt. Lincoln - Collaboration time with peers (Battle of the Books Elementary Group)
  • Tin Cup - Tech tools - Add-ons-Joelle
  • Mt. Massive - Discussion about how to increase Depth of Knowledge; how to go deeper with research - Tiah

Session Three:

  • Mt. Lincoln - Makerspaces- Tiah
  • Tin Cup - Visual representations of data (Piktochart) - Julie
  • Mt. Massive - Collaboration time


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