Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of April 14th and April 21st

Important Dates


5th Grade Splash Lab

Vision and Hearing Mobile Unit (the will come get your students)

Girls on the Run


Stephanie to Principals Council

5th Grade CSUSM Science Wheel

HomeTown Buffet


6:00 General Parent/ELAC Meeting


8:30 ELAC Meeting

2:30 Staff Meeting- MPR


9:00 4th Grade Family Math

5th Grade Splash Lab

10:30 SME hosting North County Leadership Meeting- MPR

Music for Wheel in classroom

3:15 Student Council

5:30 Migrant Ed Meeting- MPR


Flag Salute-Upper

Stephanie to DO for Teacher Interviews

5th Grade to Midway

9:15 Second Grade Music Performance

10:00 SSTs

1:00 San Diego County Fair Assembly- Outside


Stephanie to DO for Teacher Interviews

2nd to CSUSM for Puppet Show

Vision and Hearing Screenings

3:15 Safe School Ambassador Meeting- MPR

Girls on the Run


Stephanie to DO for LCAP

4th grade to Mission San Juan


6:00 Girls Scouts in MPR

4/23 -

4th/5th Grade Math Release Day with TOSAs

5th CSUSM Puppet Show

3:30 Leadership Meeting


Stephanie to DO for Teacher Interviews

3rd Grade to Palomar Planetarium

Food Pantry


Sports Spirit Day

Flag Salute- Student of the Month

9:30 3rd Grade Music Performance

SSTs- Conference Room

3:15- 5th Grade Kettle Corn Sale

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • THANK YOU for all your work in helping to make our Open House one of the best ever and most attended! Our halls were jammed packed all night and I saw so many happy families in your rooms. It was just incredible to see how you set up your rooms and how students were vested in sharing with their families all of their hard work so far this year. The ArtWalk was PHENOMENAL this year! I loved the variety, the unique pieces and creativity your students (and you) demonstrated this year!
  • A big shout out to Brittne, Abby and Matthew for being so awesome with testing their students last week. They helped work through the bugs in the system and we are grateful for them for doing this!
  • We are excited for this year's carnival, our parents are working hard to make it even better than last year. If your grade level has something planned, thank you. YOU can use your grade level parents to help you run your booths if you cannot make it to the actual day of the carnival (I know weekends are busy, my daughter has her first ever Sleeping Beauty Play that day and I will miss part of the carnival too. Please do not feel pressure to attend or attend the whole time.)


  • Congratulations to Keri Gresbrink, our new PE Teacher! She has been our PE aide all year and now has moved into this new position. We are happy for her! Please feel free to email her about PE.
  • As you may have noticed, April is the month where I am off campus MANY days! I do not like to be away so many days ( I miss SME terribly when I am not here). I try to check emails while at the DO, but sometimes it is hard to respond right away. It is even HARDER on Rolayne when I am gone, she has double the work, I am so lucky to have her and know if you need anything she can help you.
  • Music performances are coming up- help spread the word to your kids and their families.
  • We will be hosting the North County Leadership Meeting on April 17th in our MPR. Dr. Holt is a part of the group and selected our school to host this year. Different leaders (not in education) meet monthly and this month is education month. I will share about our school, take them on a tour (not inside classrooms) and they they will conduct their normal meeting in the MPR. If you have students who walk through the MPR, could you have them walk around on Thursday morning? Thank you and I am excited to share all about our wonderful school to these leaders.
  • FROM CSUSM Student- "My name is Carly Gianelli and I am a nursing student at CSUSM. Three of my peers and I are working on our community health project, and chose the 5-2-1-0 program. We would like to provide an interactive and educative presentation for students at your elementary school (any grade between kindergarten and 5th grade). This presentation will be less than 30 minutes in length."
  • Have you passed out a Tiger Golden Paw yet?


4/14 Walkthroughs/Learning Walk discussion

4/21 Prep week

4/27 Learning Walks/Technology



Carmen Perez


Debi Adelman


Karanne Stark


Kimberly Kapanek


Christy Flores


New Apps, Tweets, Tech Uses


Yessika Reyes Ramos is a parent who works at SME every week. Please take a minute to vote for her.
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