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influx of workers from the EU-impact of this locally or across the uk

Recently a lot of people from all over the EU have been coming to England, this in its self isn't really i big problem but, there aren't as many jobs as there used to be like there did 20 years ago.

This is a downside as mothers and fathers are finding it hard to take care of there children and as they don't have much money, and it could get so bad that they wont be able to afford full meals and will have to live of benefits until they can eventually get a job.

Closure of businesses reducing the opportunity to work - What businesses have closed recently?

With a lot more people in the England now that is a problem on its own because of the shortage of jobs, but also a few businesses have closed down that makes getting a job EVEN harder as there will be fewer places to actually attempt to get a job.

Major businesses such as Woolworth has closed and there was a lot of them around the country so that would mean a lot of people were made redundant, this also applies for Netto and also Blockbusters and blockbusters was also an international company.

Fewer jobs for life - what is/was a job for life?

A job for life was were you would get a job and you could stay there still you retire and you wouldn't be made redundant, these were manly in factors and mines, but these days there aren't many factors still open and being a miner is no longer a option so this is a reason why there are fewer jobs for life because not many businesses still do it.

Increase use of technology in the workplace - implications?

With technology being made bigger and more powerful companies have been making people loose there jobs as the machines are cheaper to run instead of people and they can also work without breaks so they can get so much more done.

Better/higher level qualifications needed by employers - what happens to those who don't have them ?

Employers are wanting people to have better qualifications in Maths and English and if you dont have the qualifications that your employer wants you to have they might not promote you or you could even loose your job and replace you with someone with the right qualifications.

Increase in the older population not wanting to retire - implications?

With the older people not wanting retire it doesn't really give the younger people a chance to get a job and there might be someone who really needs to work but it will be difficult with the rising amount of older people not wanting to retire until they are on the edge of dying.

increase in service industries - are these job well paid or permanent?

Catering jobs are not exactly well paid and they might not be permanent, if you have a job in catering you might need another job to gain more money also if you lose the catering job you can have something to fall back on, also this can apply for hotel workers.

effects of the recession on certain job sectors - which companies/jobs suffered?

recession has caused a lot of working problems with working as it has caused a lot of businesses, companies and factories, and this is a problem because if you close businesses people are going to lose there jobs.

what type of companies are expanding and creating jobs locally and across the UK?

A lot of retail jobs are expanding as a lot more retail shops are opening and are being made.

zero hours contracts - implications?

Zero hour contracts are not really a good thing to have, as you can be at work one day and not go for another 2 weeks, and this can be a real problem if you are living in your own house or if you have children.

you will have to ensure their skills and knowledge is constantly updated - who will pay for this?

if you need so special equipment to do your job at home, you might have to pay for it, and it can be a lot of money just to do your job properly

you may not have a lifelong plan anymore - does that matter?

a lifelong plan doesn't matter as you will not be able to stick to it because you never know what life can bring to you, and if you do follow your plan it might not be the right thing for you.

you might have to be more flexible - how would you feel about a zero hour contract/split shifts?

if i got offered a zero hour contract i would refuse it as you have no idea when you will or not be working and you wont be able to plan your time and it will be very difficult for you to have a social life.

You might even consider to moving away or even abroad - how do you feel about this ?

moving away can be difficult even if you have children as it will change there lives as they could be in a different country with different people with a different language, also it can be difficult to find a house/flat to live in.

you may have to consider doing an apprenticeship instead of further studying or university to save costs - does this matter?

this can matter to a lot of people as they were wanting to go to university but you are having to do an apprenticeship to save money but also gain money whilst you learn something new
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