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Yesterday, our school participated in a #mysteryskype with a school in Georgia. It has been a very long time since I learned a tool that was new to me, and Mystery Skype was one that was. When I first read about the idea of a Mystery Skype, I thought it sounded like a clever idea, but had no idea how powerful it really was until I experienced it yesterday. It served as an important reminder to me that instead of just reading about tools and deciding if they are useful, we have to experience them first.

Mystery Skype is an educational game played by two classrooms on Skype. The aim of the game is to guess the location of the other classroom by asking each other questions. For us yesterday, this also involved using online maps and doing some research. This activity is good for all age groups and can be used to teach subjects like geography, history, languages, mathematics, and science.

Thank you to Wendy Mackey, Susanna Michels, Vicki Smith, and a guest appearance by Joe Manzo :) We had great fun and learned an awful lot. If anyone is interested in learning more about Mystery Skype, this link has lesson plans and classes from around the world who are looking to participate. We can use my laptop for it and I can either have you come into the library for me to help you or I can come to you.

Worlds of Learning @ NMHS

Thank you to those staff members who have already joined our professional learning platform. If you have not registered and need some help, click here. If you are registered and want some help getting started, click here. Just a reminder that what you submit to me to earn your badge can be a web link, a document or even just some text describing how you have used the tool.

We now have badges for:




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Remind 101 and coming soon...Twitter!

Many staff members have asked if you can earn badges for tools you already know how to use, the answer is YES! This is a way to make what you know KNOWN and recognized through earning a badge that will showcase your knowledge.

Other staff members have asked if our students can join the site, and my answer to that is YES! Feel free to use this site to help you 'flip' your classroom. If you know you want to use a tool with students, they can watch the screencast at home in preparation for your lessons. In addition, I am available to come into your classrooms and teach these tools to your students to better prepare them for your lessons and activities.

I have also had several of you volunteer your knowledge and time and offer to create your own screencasts for our site. Thank you already to Christina Ginter, Wendy Mackey, and Keith Devereaux who graciously volunteered their knowledge and have been recognized with a Digital Leader Badge. I would like to open this opportunity up to all of you. If you have a website that you use and feel that others would benefit from, I will work with you in creating a screencast that will teach others about that tool. Email me or come see me if that is of interest to you. Anyone who contributes a screencast will earn a 'Digital Leader' badge in which you can showcase in your professional portfolio.


I am looking for classes to volunteer to beta test a new writing platform called Paperlet. This tool can be used for all classes and content areas. I can work with you and your classes on this. Please read my latest blog post for more information on this:

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Student Artwork

Just a reminder I am eager to display student artwork and projects in the media center. Please send these things down to me at any time!

The Library Collection

I am working on weeding our collection, as to keep it up to date as possible. Right now I have some books that we will be discarding, however I'd love to find them new homes. We have lots of art books, cookbooks, and various history books. Last call if you want to stop in and take some!

Worlds of Making

Worlds of Making @ NMHS coming soon........stay tuned :)