By: Tiffany McConell


›Neuropsychologists specialize in cognitive psychology and science.

›Whom typically assist in asses people who are recovering from strokes and other neurologist problems, Such as..

›They administer brain scales as well as other neurocognitive tests such as.. CAT Scans.

›Help consult with pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs affecting the central nervous system.

Work Environment

Depending on what they specialize in they can work in hospitals, clinics, as well as go office to office working as a consultant.

They typically diagnose problems/disorders that deal with the brain, they include treatment of therapy, medicine, or surgery.

They are not the ones who actually preform the surgery.


›The average salary range of a neurologist is $62,695-$123,211 and if you have 25 degrees you can earn up too $185,00 a year

Education and Training

›Typically Neuropsychologists obtain a doctorial degree in neuropsychology and/or Clinical neuropsychology.

›Though some only obtain a masters degree

›Typically it takes 4-7 years to obtain a doctorial degree, the more college the more money you star out making.

›Plus many choose to successfully complete a supervised internship

›Many neuropsychologists can advance through their careers by certifying with the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychologists (ABCN) or the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN)

›To Be Certified:

- Pass Oral and Written test

- Satisfy Training requirements

- Complete Work Evaluation

Job Outlook

In 2012 the job of neuropsychologist grew by 11%. and they are always in need and wanted. they will probably never run out of a job.