Computer Chronicles

Version 4.3, June 2015

Don't Wait ....

Final reminders:
  1. If you have been issued a Chromebook, Android Tablet or iPad, you are welcome to keep it over the summer. Please fill out the online form here so we know who has what. If you are not keeping with you, please be sure it is secured in your classroom.
  2. If you are changing classrooms, your computer DOES NOT move with you. It is assigned to the classroom.
  3. Teachers - This is your last warning! Be sure you have collected anything you want to keep from your computer and H: drive before you leave. It needs to be on the Google Drive or on a USB thumb drive. It will be deleted July 1st.
  4. If you have any questions, contact me Slack (@melson). Don’t have Slack yet? Get it!
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White Lion - Wait